Each one of the four outstanding hotels in the Muthu Highland Heritage portfolio carry VisitScotland's prestigious 3-star quality rating. Highland Heritage Coach Tour visit Scotland 3 star rating.

From the modern splendor of Muthu Ben Doran Hotel and the majesty of Muthu Royal Hotel, both in Tyndrum, to the elegance of Muthu Alexandra Hotel in Oban and the charm of Muthu Dalmally Hotel in Dalmally itself, each one has all the comforts you would expect and the quality of service you deserve.

Located not far from one another but perfectly sited to take advantage of the scenery and heritage on their doorstep, our hotels offer large en suite rooms, entertainment every night and mouth-watering delights, courtesy of our in-house chefs. We even boast our own bakery and trained bakers, ensuring our guests a daily supply of bakery-fresh and delicious bread and rolls.

Long-lasting, happy memories come with every booking.